Terms & Conditions




Delivery cost is quoted on the assumption that the property is easy to reach with no stairs or difficult to reach areas.  Additional delivery costs may be charged should this not be the case.

Every attempt will be made to ensure delivery is upon the promised date, however unexpected delays can occur.  In the unlikely event that these affect your delivery, we will reorganise your delivery date within a reasonable period of time.

We contract our delivery out to third party companies for areas outside of Cape Town and surrounding suburbs, therefore we are unable to fix delivery timeslots.




The right to return extends for 7 working days after the items have been delivered.  The goods must be returned in their original condition as at the time of delivery.  Refunds may be subjected to a fee covering the collection of the goods.

This excludes bespoke, made to order or one off items.




Should any defect occur with the product within 12 months after delivery, please contact us in writing together with photos of any such defect to enable us to determine its cause prior to rectification.

Where the defect is deemed to be the customers fault for any reason such as poor maintenance or misuse of the product, any rectification will be chargeable to the customer.

Should a defect occur which is the fault of NewLife Plastics, we will either replace, repair or refund.

No reimbursement will be considered if the defect is rectified by the client or by a third party.

Brochure images are a representation of our products and may not reflect the true colour of the product.  Recycled material cannot be consistently produced the same due to the differing waste material streams, therefore, colours may vary.  Although every effort is made to mix the waste material during manufacturing, there may be visible signs of varying materials within the finished product.