NewLife Plastics Duet bins have been designed with the consumer in mind.

The smaller bin holds a standard size refuse bag, the plastic can be hosed down for cleaning.  Out new Jumbo Bin has been designed to take the standard wheelie bin refuse bag.  Ideal for high traffic areas.

Three lid options are available to fit this bin, flat lid; hands free and monkey proof.  The hands free bin is most popular with schools, clubs and public areas as a regular 2-lit soda bottle fits easily through the opening ensuring the lid does not have to be removed and left lying on the ground; the monkey proof lid can be latched and is made with a rotating spindle, making it impossible for monkey’s and baboons to open.

All our bins can be block mounted from the inside onto a concrete, tiled or paved surface.


Jumbo and standard duet bin


Bin with access lid – brown and black


Basic bin, no lid


Bin with access lid, can take 2-lit soda bottle


Flat, closed lid – snug fitting with simple handle


School bins


Blue and black bin


Monkey Proof bin with rotating spindle