Examples of our outdoor furniture

We use only 100% recycled plastic packaging, no virgin plastic is added nor wood chip, sawdust or other fillers.  Materials used are of the highest quality ensuring our products are long-lasting and maintenance-free.


Other items available include decking, jungle gyms, dustbins and pot plant surrounds

Our pot surround is a recent joint development project with the environmentally friendly Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, the brief was to create an attractive surround for pot planters with easy access for removal of the plants in their existing plant holders.


Our SAPRO silver award winning Tree Hugger

Our Tree Hugger solves the problem of what to do with the area underneath your tree.

We have used the area around the tree for seating in a practical and attractive manner, and in so doing, keeping walkways and play areas free from benches and more for recreational activities, in an environmentally friendly way.