We are using 100% recycled packaging to make our pallets.  No PET/PETG, etc. or virgin material is added.

The product is as follows:-


  • Non-toxic – suitable for HACCP areas
  • non-porous = no moisture absorption & therefore, no bacterial growth
  • non-slip surface
  • can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as excessive heat and cold without compromising the integrity of the planks and limited fading
  • no splinters
  • no warping
  • no rotting
  • no woodboring insects
  • the plastic wood is extremely strong and durable with optimum rigidity
  • pallets are idea for multiple-trip applications in a closed-loop environment
  • virtually no maintenance

The environmental aspect is that it is eco-friendly, fully recyclable and releases no greenhouse gasses.  Helps with the reduction of deforestation, etc.  The pallets are more expensive that wooden ones but last indefinitely.  Can be custom made to clients requirements.


Butt'd Pallet

Butt’d Pallet for non-slippage transport of wet goods


Conro Precision Pallets, custom made to client specifications.

Half Fruit bin - suitable for wine & fruit picking

Half Fruit bin – suitable for wine & fruit


Standard Two Way Pallets