Mission Statement

Our Mission:  What is NewLife Plastics about?

Firstly, we give every person or household the opportunity to mitigate (offset) their plastic packaging waste through the purchase of one of our many recycled plastic products.

Secondly, we use recycled plastic packaging in products and structures where functional, environmental and cost benefits apply, versus the use of traditional materials like wood, steel, and virgin plastics.

Some useful information:

Did you know that some 630 000t of virgin HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, and PP in the form of packaging will be consumed in the South African market in 2012, by a population of approximately 51 million people?

NewLife Plastics is predominantly concerned with the recycling of these plastic types, as marked with the recycle triangle and having the identification numbers 2, 4 and 5. These are the major plastics types within the polyolefin product family. Polyolefin plastics themselves making up approximately 57% of the total polymer market in South Africa.

This 630 000t per year however does not include those same packaging types that come into our country as imported foodstuffs. We need to care of these tons as well.

And also note that this figure excludes plastic type PET of 150 000 tons a year and as marked by the number 1 on plastic bottles. This valuable material has markedly different chemical properties that allow it to be recycled back into new bottles, and into fibres for duvets, pillows and such end-uses (see www.petco.co.za). This home-grown recycling initiative, and which is doing very well, is something which South Africa has yet again set as an example to the world.

NewLife Plastics is born to help realize in our small way the ambitions of the POLYCO initiative, which is much like that of PETCO, and so linking industry and the determination of our government, to each of us personally – the “man-in-the-street”, and who is today more than ever concerned about packaging waste, growing landfill mass, and the health of our planet.

Practically, what you can do?

With NewLife Plastics it’s now so easy! – don’t consume even more of our valuable natural resources to satisfy your desire to grow and improve your lifestyle, rather make a decision to buy a product of NewLife Plastics.

Feel great having bought something that has absorbed our packaging waste and which many of us now separate for recycling, … but do wonder where on earth is it all going?

Every product of NewLife Plastics comes with a Mitigation Certificate that sets out simply how many months of personal, or household, plastic waste you have offset in your buying. Feel good about it, tell your friends about it, you deserve it, … you have Walked-the-Talk !

Who is POLYCO ?


 As Government begins to implement the National Environmental Management:

Waste Act, producers and suppliers have realized the importance of mobilizing stake-holders in meeting the demands for responsible waste management so that they can ensure a reduction in the amount of plastic packing waste that ends up in the country’s landfills – through increased mechanical recycling.

 In an historic motion, leaders of polyolefin plastic packaging companies in South Africa have formed a representative industry company. At a strategic workshop convened in mid February 2011, the structure, management and operations of the Company were decided.

 “This will be the first time that the polyolefin industry is represented by a united voice and a mandate that will advocate and promote its products to Government, the general public and other interest groups and deal with waste management issues such as improving the collection and recycling of waste polyethylene and polypropylene”, says Jeremy Mackintosh, the founder Chairman of the Group.