With a life span far in excess of their wooden counterparts, 100% recycled outdoor slats and beams provides a solution to all you decking requirements.  We also manufacture on site, specific to the area.

Our “Most Suitable” Outdoor products – best in plastic!

  • Walkways, bridges and railings
  • Seating tops mounted onto concrete or brickwork in lieu of wooden slats
  • Decking, suitable as an overlay – never needs sanding or varnishing
  • Duckboards and balcony flooring, made up to size, for wet areas or to cover unsuitable outdoor surfaces
  • Garden edging with each section fitted with metal spikes for easy installation in your garden
  • Planter boxes and surrounds with removal panel for easy fitting – will not rot
  • Gas bottle surrounds – protects and hides gas bottles from the sun
  • Outdoor lids, covers and shelves for areas that are in the rain
  • Picket fencing for residential use, farms or factories in lieu of wood, wire or steel.  Out pickets can be spiked, squared or rounded.
  • Gates and doors best suited for panelling using steel frames
  • Grave surrounds with pickets
  • Pallets custom made for industrial or retail use.  Best suited for wet areas, multi-trip, leading edges, no splintering.  As stands or for materials handling applications